Diadem Pro X Reel

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Pro X - Reel:

Diadem Pro X is the most powerful and firm option for string in the Diadem line. Designed with the help of current pro tennis players, this poly string is designed to provide a stiffer option than the Flash string, with a hexagon cross section. The firmness results in an explosive response off the string bed with adequate spin production from the edged shape.

This 660ft /200m reel is ideal for the player that frequently re-strings their rackets and is looking to save money by buying in bulk. Strings 16.5 – 18 rackets.

  • Length: 660 feet / 200m
  • Color: Silver
  • Gauges Available:
    • 17 (1.20mm) Best feel
    • 16L (1.25mm)
    • 16 (1.30mm)
    • 15L (1.35mm) Most durable
Diadem Pro X Reel
Diadem Pro X Reel
Diadem Pro X Reel
Diadem Pro X Reel